The Loose Affiliates are a group of like-minded creatives with architecture degrees. Our work is largely unsolicited, often speculative, and always optimistic. We look for hidden gems in unassuming places, explore issues that interest us, and hustle to make things happen because we love vibrant cities.

Our collective was formed in Vancouver in 2011 as a collaborative umbrella under which to put forth and realize new ideas. These ideas often cross-over from the traditional practice of architecture into other art and design categories, resulting in projects that span different scales of time and place.

The Loose Affiliates are:

Olena Chytra, M. Arch.
Philipp Dittus, Dipl. Ing. Arch.
Alana Green, M. Arch., B. Des.
Katy Young, M. Arch.

Our Loose Affiliates babyOur Loose Affiliates baby